Technology - Silicon fuel


Si Fuel offers a simple and safe way of storing and transporting hydrogen without cost and weight penalty.
Si Fuel comes in the form of grey tablets. It generates hydrogen at room temperature when it is mixed with water inside cartridge. Here is the base reaction:

Si + 2H2O -> 2H2 + SiO2
Silica is the only by-product of the reaction.

Si Fuel can be stored for a long time. Dry Si Fuel can be safely delivered in vacuum sealed packages and always be ready for use on site and on demand wherever water is available.

Key distinctions:

1. Unrivalled energy density: low volume and weight
2. Hydrogen generation at the point of use where water is available
3. Low cost: silicon is abundant + simple scalable manufacturing process
4. Operates at room temperature
5. Safe and environmentally benign

Si Fuel becomes a source of hydrogen for generating electricity with a hydrogen fuel cell. Like a battery it is characterised by its energy density. The energy density of Si Fuel mixed with water is 750Wh/kg which is more than 3 times better than the state-of-the-art Li-ion battery.

For storage and transportation purposes the energy density of dry Si Fuel gets as high as 1,700Wh/kg, with water being added later

Total system energy density including the fuel cell depends on the overall system weight. The higher the system weight, the greater the advantage of Si Fuel. Please speak to us for precise system modelling.